Calmare Pain Therapy Clinic

CALMARE NEURO PAIN CLINIC  (Run by: Madurai Charitable Trust)

Padmam Hospital & Calmare Neuro Pain Clinic  is situated in the Akash Building Door No. 2/428A, Shasthri Nagar, Kadachanenthal to Othakadai Road, Kadachanenthal, Madurai- 625 107.

This equipment is a unique one in South India and widely used in U.S.A. & U.K. & other European countries. The clinic in Madurai is inaugurated on 20-05-2011, the Mc-5A pain treatment device, using Scrambler Technology, has been specifically designed and clinically tested to provide treatment of high intensity neuropathic and oncologic pain, including pain resistant to morphine and other drugs, multi drug therapy, surface electro-stimulation etc. It is indicated for use in the symptomatic relief of acute and chronic interactable pain, post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain


Recommended Treatment Protocol:



   Post surgical neuropathic pain
  Post herpetic neuralgia(Sciatica and lumbar pain)

  Narrow canal syndrome- putative neuropathic pain
  Failed back surgery syndrome
  Trigeminal neuropathy
  Pudenal neuropathy
  Brachial plexus neuropathy
  Low back pain
  Phantom limb pain syndrome
  Diabetic neuropath
   Pancreatic cancer
  Colon cancer
  Gastric cancer
  Ovarian cancer
  Cervical cancer
  Lung cancer
  Colorectal cancer
  Bladder cancer
  Prostatic cancer
  Kidney cancer
  Rectal cancer
  Liver cancer
  Uterine cancer
  GB cancer
  Laryngeal cancer
  Esophageal cancer


For further details and appointments please contact

Dr. T.N.Kuppusami, MBBS; DMR D&T; DMRT London

Cell: +91 98945 16546

A Unique Centre for Pain Management